DAY 1 of the Veggie Fast

Day 1

Weigh yourself .. butt naked. First thing in the morning after you urinate. Record this just today… or everyday. That is up to you. But always weigh in after you urinate. And if you have a period still… this will be hard to estimate..because of a normal 2 lb weight gain that sheds.

Day 1 is the hardest day. I would pick an easy day of the week… like when you are off. I also suggest a warm bath or steamy shower in the middle of the day.

6000 STEPS can be done at the Mall… at Target, Lowe’s or even at Walmart. If you have an android phone, set your S Health app to have a Step goal. If you have an apple phone… I would look for an app that counts steps. Or you could just buy one of those gadgets that clips on to your tennis shoes.

2 liters of WATER… I get 2 liter bottles or 2 liter Aquafinas You can not count caffeinated drinks in this 2 liters. I would suggest getting water that is cleaned with reverse osmosis like Walmart bottled drinking gallon with the green top… or Aquafina… or spring water. Chlorine may interfere with this process of fasting. Chemicals slow down our metabolism. For this reason it is imperative that you use REAL butter, REAL extra virgin olive oil and fresh or frozen veggies.

Breakfast for the first day…

Coffee with unsweetened coconut/almond milk and stevia
Eat as much cooked Broccoli and Carrot with real butter as you can.

You can switch out the lunch and snack for work purposes. The BIG Salad is Baby Romaine lettuce or Spring Mix with either lemon or Balsamic olive oil dressing as described above. In the salad is avocado, carrots, 1/2 of a Roma tomato. Toss

Also, the salad should be followed with 2 handfuls of raw pumpkin seeds that are baked. I season mine with cayenne pepper while they are cooling off. You can season them with anything but salt.



Cooked Cabbage (some people prefer this for dinner… but I find the green beans more filling for dinner) .  Do not eat the Kielbasa. It is only used to season the cabbage.



Cooked green beans in butter and either cooked carrots, squash or beets

You can also have a raw shredded carrot and beet salad if you want. I top this with raw sunflower seeds that I bake for 13 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.

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