Day 2 Veggie Fast

This weight loss is a long story for me. It’s our story collectively. When I first realized I have a bad relationship with food, I started writing about it. If you find through this fast that you have the same relationship with what you eat, I would suggest you do 3 things.

1. Start a food diary for everyday that includes the way you feel when you eat.

2. Note what foods and feelings cause you to gain weight. Sometimes it’s the healthy foods that do that. Mine
spinach, oatmeal, white sugar, processed foods, pork, cheddar and hard cheeses, sodium, and milk chocolate (dark chocolate doesn’t bother me under 3 ounces.)

3. Find inspiration and share your feelings-
One of my favorite lines in a sitcom came fron Mike Biggs of Mike & Molly on CBS. In Season 5/ Episode 15
titled Pie Fight at his Over-eaters Anonymous meeting he announces to the group. “I’m going to keep taking one day at a time. Because every day is a battle and sometimes the pie wins. But the thing is you gotta keep
fighting.” We all know that part of our story. This show has inspired me & my food addiction more than I can say.
6000 steps
2 liters of water

You can weigh yourself today or you can weight til the 3rd or 4th day if you like. Some people prefer keeping track of their size with a measuring tape. We have all learned that scales are not alway accurate. If you get on it 3 times and you keep getting different readings.. that scale is not accurate. I have a Weight Watchers scale I bought at Target. I weigh myself everyday because it goes in my food diary.

Breakfast –
cooked broccoli and carrots with butter or broccoli soup. I find that you can make broccoli soup with canned coconut milk and onions, garlic, butter and unsalted chicken broth. I have changed over to this because I get sick of broccoli pretty fast.

Our usual salad from Day 1
2 handfuls of pumpkins seeds that you baked and possible seasoned.

green tea with stevia


Cabbage cooked with turkey Kielbasa… you can put more apple cider vinegar on it if you like. My mother used to say it helped with weight loss. I don’t know if that is true.


Whole green beans with carrots or another veggie of your choice.
optional – raw Carrots and beets shredded together- topped with either pumpkin or sunflower seeds


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