Dismount Day

The hardest part about a fast is the next day.  If done wrong you could easily gain back a pound.  How upsetting is that?

I always start off the Dismount Day with an easy protein… ground chicken.

6000 steps and 2 liters of water thru the day but before 7.



coffee with half and half and 2 tsps of coconut sugar

Chocolate or regular Cheerios and almond/coconut milk covered with pumpkin seeds



a big balsamic vinaigrette salad with tomatoes, shredded carrots, avocado, baby romaine and raw sunflower seeds (bake them if you like them crispy)



2 Wasa Sourdough Crackers with1 slice of pepperjack or swiss cheese halved to cover both crackers

or Chobani greek yogurt with pumpkin seeds



Ground Chicken pattie seasoned with Stubbs BBQ sauce.  Eaten with a side salad.



1 ounce of dark chocolate or a glass of red wine or

vodka mixed with instant coffee, cream and 1 stevia packet



Welcome back to life!


About vickisoto

I'm a USAF Veteran, Mom, Internet Marketer and retired Corporate.
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