The 1st Day of My Intermittent Fast

Woke up at 8:22 a.m. Sunday morning March 31

Plan to drink 2 liters of water and walk at least 6000 steps …aiming for 10,000

I was very mindful of my plan to do a 16 hour fast today.  Or as they say in the fasting world,  16/8 schedule.

Thomas DeLauer of 6 Pack Abs says that I should end my fast with a high glycemic meal.  I didn’t see that on YouTube until after my first meal today.

My first meal is at 12 pm (noon) today..  I stopped my meals yesterday at 8 pm.  I went to Mojitos with some friends.  Unfortunately, I ate quite a bit of food including guacamole, churros and veggie empanadas plus some vodka with cranberry juice.  Then at home I had some popcorn smothered with butter.

Yeah, I packed on 2.5 lbs instantly to see if I could lose the 2.5 lbs instantly with intermittent fasting.  This will be helpful for my Always Eating Out lifestyle!

At 12pm – Noon, at the end of my 16 hours from sleeping and waiting until noon to eat, my stomach was cramping a little. And I was ravenous.  But that is probably because I normally eat by 9 am.


DeLauer says we should have a high-glycemic meal after our fast.  No problem! Didn’t know, so I didn’t do it today

Today I broke my fast at 12: 26 pm with –

Salad (baby romaine, roma tomatoes, shredded carrots, and 1/4 avocado with sunflower seeds)  with this blog’s balsamic dressing.  Also a Sourdough/Pepperjack grilled sandwich with a cup of coffee.

While I was fasting I only had Aquafina water and black coffee.

at 2:45 pm  I don’t feel hungry!

1 bowl of broccoli soup… which the recipe is on this site as well.

For dinner I had BBQ ground chicken patty.  Salad with Honey Mustard dressing and 1 slice of Sourdough with butter on it.

I also had 2 ounces of dark chocolate bar.  Need my magnesium! lol

I don’t think it was that hard and actually I stopped eating around 6:15!

DeLauer says that you should only fast 3-5 times a week or you may lower your metabolic rate.  I’m ok with that.

But, I plan to do it again tomorrow!





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