Day 2 Veggie Fast

This weight loss is a long story for me. It’s our story collectively. When I first realized I have a bad relationship with food, I started writing about it. If you find through this fast that you have the same relationship with what you eat, I would suggest you do 3 things.

1. Start a food diary for everyday that includes the way you feel when you eat.

2. Note what foods and feelings cause you to gain weight. Sometimes it’s the healthy foods that do that. Mine
spinach, oatmeal, white sugar, processed foods, pork, cheddar and hard cheeses, sodium, and milk chocolate (dark chocolate doesn’t bother me under 3 ounces.)

3. Find inspiration and share your feelings-
One of my favorite lines in a sitcom came fron Mike Biggs of Mike & Molly on CBS. In Season 5/ Episode 15
titled Pie Fight at his Over-eaters Anonymous meeting he announces to the group. “I’m going to keep taking one day at a time. Because every day is a battle and sometimes the pie wins. But the thing is you gotta keep
fighting.” We all know that part of our story. This show has inspired me & my food addiction more than I can say.
6000 steps
2 liters of water

You can weigh yourself today or you can weight til the 3rd or 4th day if you like. Some people prefer keeping track of their size with a measuring tape. We have all learned that scales are not alway accurate. If you get on it 3 times and you keep getting different readings.. that scale is not accurate. I have a Weight Watchers scale I bought at Target. I weigh myself everyday because it goes in my food diary.

Breakfast –
cooked broccoli and carrots with butter or broccoli soup. I find that you can make broccoli soup with canned coconut milk and onions, garlic, butter and unsalted chicken broth. I have changed over to this because I get sick of broccoli pretty fast.

Our usual salad from Day 1
2 handfuls of pumpkins seeds that you baked and possible seasoned.

green tea with stevia


Cabbage cooked with turkey Kielbasa… you can put more apple cider vinegar on it if you like. My mother used to say it helped with weight loss. I don’t know if that is true.


Whole green beans with carrots or another veggie of your choice.
optional – raw Carrots and beets shredded together- topped with either pumpkin or sunflower seeds


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DAY 1 of the Veggie Fast

Day 1

Weigh yourself .. butt naked. First thing in the morning after you urinate. Record this just today… or everyday. That is up to you. But always weigh in after you urinate. And if you have a period still… this will be hard to estimate..because of a normal 2 lb weight gain that sheds.

Day 1 is the hardest day. I would pick an easy day of the week… like when you are off. I also suggest a warm bath or steamy shower in the middle of the day.

6000 STEPS can be done at the Mall… at Target, Lowe’s or even at Walmart. If you have an android phone, set your S Health app to have a Step goal. If you have an apple phone… I would look for an app that counts steps. Or you could just buy one of those gadgets that clips on to your tennis shoes.

2 liters of WATER… I get 2 liter bottles or 2 liter Aquafinas You can not count caffeinated drinks in this 2 liters. I would suggest getting water that is cleaned with reverse osmosis like Walmart bottled drinking gallon with the green top… or Aquafina… or spring water. Chlorine may interfere with this process of fasting. Chemicals slow down our metabolism. For this reason it is imperative that you use REAL butter, REAL extra virgin olive oil and fresh or frozen veggies.

Breakfast for the first day…

Coffee with unsweetened coconut/almond milk and stevia
Eat as much cooked Broccoli and Carrot with real butter as you can.

You can switch out the lunch and snack for work purposes. The BIG Salad is Baby Romaine lettuce or Spring Mix with either lemon or Balsamic olive oil dressing as described above. In the salad is avocado, carrots, 1/2 of a Roma tomato. Toss

Also, the salad should be followed with 2 handfuls of raw pumpkin seeds that are baked. I season mine with cayenne pepper while they are cooling off. You can season them with anything but salt.



Cooked Cabbage (some people prefer this for dinner… but I find the green beans more filling for dinner) .  Do not eat the Kielbasa. It is only used to season the cabbage.



Cooked green beans in butter and either cooked carrots, squash or beets

You can also have a raw shredded carrot and beet salad if you want. I top this with raw sunflower seeds that I bake for 13 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.

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Vicki’s Three Day Veggie Fast

I’m doing this blog post for my friends who have asked why I don’t publish this fast. They are tired of trying diets.. just like me. Diets are a fantasy to me, I don’t know how someone stays on one for a lifetime!  And my Veggie Fast has been very successful for me… and I’m over 60 years old. So I think it would work for anyone. But  having said this, if I don’t know you.. it would probably be a good idea for you to ask your Doctor if you can do this before you try it.

You should definitely read through this whole fast before you start.  There is a lot to know before you begin.

The key to this fast is you can eat as much as you want, the catch to this fast is it’s mostly vegetables. It’s not a diet, it’s a fast… so don’t panic about giving up carbs.  But, you will find that you really can’t eat that many veggies. It’s a strange thing to discover.

The best part about this fast is… your body will not believe it is starving.  If you eat at least 4 times a day, this won’t feel like a diet to your body.  It will be shocked that you are eating healthy, but it will not go into starvation mode like it will after most fasts.

The other part I love is that it only lasts 3 days by design.  I mean, who wants to give up carbs? Not me!  I can’t do the KETO diet,  and I don’t want to.

I have a theory about weight loss.  We usually eat the right amount of food to maintain and sustain our current weight.  But unfortunately we can be enticed to leave the normal path when we go out to restaurants, take eating vacations, or celebrate occasions…. and oh those doggone Holidays really pack on the extra pounds!

What you are about to see is my antidote!  I’m guilty of all of the above.

My fast requires a few strange things though. 1. The vegetable have to be cooked…except salads of course.  2. No veggies that mess with your thyroid like Spinach or radicchio!  Also, roasting causes normal veggies to become sugary carbs!  So you will have to either steam, boil or saute these veggies.   3. Olive oil and real butter are a necessity and can be used on anything.  4. Exercise is discouraged except for steps (at least 6000 steps a day).  5. You have to drink at least 2 liters of clear liquid (this includes herbal teas, coffee, unsweetened ice tea… etc.  6. Sea salt in moderation(a sprinkle)…. salt is the biggest problem in most diets.

You can eat most cooked veggies:

broccoli, carrots, onions, zucchini, cabbage, kale, squash, beets, … etc.

No carbs, real sugar or fake sugar can be used.   Real Stevia can be used if it doesn’t contain dextrose..check the label.  I suggest Sweetleaf.

In salads during the fast… only baby romaine or spring mix lettuce (no spinach… check to be sure). Also add raw Carrots, onions, 1/4 Roma tomato,  1/4 to 1/2 avocado, cooked broccoli if you like.

Salad dressing is either    balsamic vinegar, olive oil and stevia… or Lemon juice, olive oil and stevia.  1 tbsp oil… 1-2 tsps lemon/vinegar and just a sprinkle of stevia.

No cheese, carbs, decaf coffee, cream, eggs, milk , half and half, spinach, store bought salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, sugar, Splenda, honey, or agave syrup.  ( you can test honey and agave syrup on your next veggie fast)

Shopping List for my Sample days

1 fresh cut up cabbage and turkey kielbasa to cook in the cabbage (don’t use beef or pork)

frozen or fresh broccoli   preferable organic

fresh carrots preferable organic

2 avocado

real stevia with no dextrose in it. Only use stevia for coffee, green tea and salad dressing

raw pumpkins seeds ( I bake mine for 13 minutes in oven at 350 degrees)

raw sunflower seeds (I also bake these. Don’t ever buy roasted seeds or nuts. They become rank)

1 lemon or balsamic vinegar

ginger tea or fresh ginger to make tea.

herbal tea

extra virgin olive oil

canned coconut milk

unsweetened coconut or almond milk

green tea… ( I like the Blueberry Acai Green tea by Lipton)

real butter (no margarine allowed… or any other fake food that looks like butter)

baby romaine or spring mix salad in a container or bag.

whole green beans either already snapped… or wash, snap off the ends and cook them.

apple cider vinegar

Cauliflower or squash.

1 golden apple (you should eat 1/2 of this apple a day if you start losing more than 1.5 lbs a day)

any other veggie that you want to test in the 2nd and 3rd day


I ALWAYS cook my veggies before I start the fast. And I definitely cook the cabbage in the kielbasa with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and a dash of cayenne pepper the day before.  NEVER save the broccoli for more than 3 days.  I found this out the hard way.  Cooked broccoli and some other veggies do not hold well for more than 3 days.

The good news is that you will never be hungry.  You can eat as much of these veggies as you can stuff down.  The more you eat, the more likely your weight will stay off.  You can also change this fast to what your body likes after the 1st day.  But the 1st day is a baseline, so please try to follow it precisely.
















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Vicki’s Weight-Loss Protein Shake

It took me quite a while to figure out what was keeping me from losing weight. Dieting was not working at my age. When you go over 55 years of age you have to get creative.

But once I figured it out, I was finally able to lose weight even though I am in my retirement years now! You see, I found out that it is not enough to have a clean diet, cut back on carbs and exercise daily. As you get older, it gets tricky because we have poisoned our bodies with toxins and bad gut microbes. At some point it seemed like my body was fighting against me.

After realizing that I needed something to clean up the flora in my digestive system…. I started working on this smoothie. I tried Probiotics with little weight loss success. But when I started using the Dr. Formulated Prebiotic instead… Wow! It has really changed my health. And of course I made it in my favorite flavor… chocolate! I drink one of these each day. And then I drink at least a liter of water that day.

I have lost 14 lbs in the last 2 months by just adding this drink!

Because of the high fiber content… I drink plenty of water behind this… My favorite waters are the reverse osmosis waters like Aquafina and Walmart green top drinking water.

2 scoops of LIVfit Organic Plant Protein (no sweeteners added)

2 Tbsps LIVfit Organic Cacao Powder

1 cup  of Coconut or Almond Milk

1 TBSP Organic Acacia Fiber powder (Dr. Formulated PRE-biotic)

2 tsps Coconut Sugar (nectar from the Coconut bloom)

Shaker or Blender needed for blending this smoothie


Add all of the ingredients to the milk in the blender or smoothie cup.  Blend or shake.  Blend until smooth!

I like my shake chilled or on ICE and I use a straw… because it’s easier. But you don’t have to drink it that way, especially if you are in a hurry.

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